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"Primary is a successful overall Prog package with varied and emotionally coherent songs.”

- Jens Wilkens, POWERMETAL.DE -

“Neo-progressive rock is the orientation of choice here, and it is an inclusive and expressive variety of the form we are treated to. Cinematic passages and gentler acoustic parts exist side to side with sections of floating keyboards and flowing guitar solo runs, harder edged passages with a more vibrant and tight guitar driven core and also more light toned and careful excursions revolving around a tight and more tension-inducing foundation.”


“In summary, this new project by The Palimpsest offers us a very beautiful journey through time with a mosaic of influences mixing direct and progressive rock, the whole being supported by melodic lines that we tame very quickly, which intends 'Primary' for a wide audience who love an accessible and melodic progressive that takes us back to the pioneers of this style...”

- Jacques Becker. -


The Palimpsest is the brainchild of veteran singer and performer Glamdave. Since joining his first band 'ROGUE' in the early 80's, his career has spanned over 30 years and encompassed many genres, most notably an 11 year stint as lead singer for 70's glam rock tribute show 'The Glam Band'. He was also the man behind power prog trio 'ARKHAM', lead singer of 'KINGS OF THE WILD FRONTIER' (a tribute to Adam & the Ants) and held the bass seat in 'THE TONY EDWARDS BAND' for live shows promoting Tonys solo album 'NOTEBOOK'.

He grew up on bands like AC/DC, Motorhead, Black Sabbath and much of the NWOBHM scene, but soon became drawn to the so called NEO PROG movement, listening to bands such as Marillion, IQ, Twelfth Night and the like which, in turn, led him to go back and search out THEIR influences, discovering Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis and so on in the process. Other influencial bands included Queen, Styx and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, all of whom had a theatricallity that appealed greatly to a young musician trying to find his niche.

More recently, it's artists like Steven Wilson and Devin Townsend who have fired up GDs creative juices. The former for his consumate professionalism and emotive compositions, the latter for his 'down to earth' personality and his ability to skip wildly between styles but retain his musical identity. But the one constant throughout his career has been a love of the work of Scotlands finest, the one and only Fish.

He also builds instruments to customers requirements and built all the guitars and basses used in the recording of PRIMARY.


His drumming career started in the late 70’s and having grown up on Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin AC/DC et al it was an incredibly fertile time for the music business and his growth as a drummer.
This all started off with a number of local NWOBHM bands including Black Mamba, Miraj and Axia before turning pro in 83. This took him all over Europe and Asia as well as a long stint on the North East club circuit all of which was great experience. He left the pro side of things in 88 and has classed himself as Semi-pro ever since.

After stints with local boogie rock legends, Buster James and Soulsters, Stonkin Blues Band he ended up in 70’s Glam stars ‘Hello’ who he was with for 16 years, recording the album ‘Hello-Glam Rockers’ and playing shows all over Europe with the likes of Slade, Sweet and Suzi Quatro. 

Following Hello he spent a number of years in the Pink Floyd tribute band, The Pure Floyd Show and more recently he has been a member of the top Status Quo tribute, The Quo Experience playing shows all over Great Britain. Currently to be found occupying the drum stool for local rock maniacs Mister Pink.

"All of this brings me to PALAMSEST, a project that I am immensely excited about. I had the great pleasure working with GlamDave in The Tony Edwards Band, a well respected East Anglian rock trio, and am really looking forward to working with GD again and Andy Berycz, and to bring the music from ‘Primary’ as well as the new material currently being written by GD into a live setting and cannot wait for you to hear it for yourselves."


Watching BBC one late evening in 1983, I said to my Mum, “I want to play like him”,……and she said “Well go on then”, and the rest is history.
I was watching Thin Lizzy live at Hitchin and the guitarist in question is of course, John Sykes. The next day we were in the local music shop buying a Les Paul copy and a 12w Marshall. Practicing after school and every available minute I had, until I could play well enough to be in my first band. Tyga Claw was the first and we released a song on a compilation album. That was my first real big experience. 

I moved to London and started playing in a few decent signed bands, namely Centurions Ghost and opened up the London Death Metal festival and did a mini tour in Germany and Belgium.
Moving back to Norfolk, I met up with some old friends and joined Thirteenth Sign.
In 2009 we opened up the Hammerfest festival in Wales, which was an amazing experience. I met a lot of big named bands and have stayed friends with them ever since. I was signed to Marshall and Dean guitars, which really helped me open my eyes to the music world, get lots of contacts and play with some amazing musicians.
Playing at some the big organised events was a fantastic experience.
I am very grateful to be asked to play the guitar parts in the live band and cant wait to get out on the road and play some live shows with Glam and Jasper.

My main influences were, John Sykes, John Petrucci, Yngwie, George Lynch, Tony Iommi, Jake E  Lee, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Dokken anything in the 80’s really. As most people say to me…’re still in the 80’s aren’t you, yep…….I never left.
My style is as I’ve told is:- “Theres a bit of this and a bit of that mixed together, it shouldn’t work, but it does”.

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